Daliah Toure is an experienced facilitator and performer. Her skills and abilities are showcased in her teaching and have enabled her to deliver engaging and exciting sessions and workshops throughout the years. 

Higher education 

Senior Lecturer at York St. John University, UK from 2012 - 2019

teaching contemporary dance, site specific practice, instant composition, choreography, physical theatre, independent research and history of dance.


Kunst Vermittlung 

Daliah has an ongoing working relationship with the Künstlerhaus Vereinigung Wien since February 2020 and has been able to offer movement workshops open to the public. The main emphasis of her workshops are always on relationship to the current exhibition and draw inspiration from visual arts making them unique in their cross-disciplinary approach. 

Community dance 

Contemporary dance, creative dance sessions and performance projects at various settings in Leeds, Bradford and York from 2007 onwards. 

Teaching primary and secondary students, colleges; working with groups and organisations such as Yorkshire Dance, Leeds University, Dance for Life, Open Minds Theatre Company, Chilli Bon Bon, Mind the Step and Association of Dance of the African Diaspora. 

Teaching as part of Improvisation Exchange Leeds, UK; Mathilde - music and dance improvisation.

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