Daliah Touré is a dance artist based in Vienna. She completed her BA in Dance Performance at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK) in 2006 and previously gained a BA in Photography in 2000 at FAMU, CZ and Nottingham, UK. Immediately following her dance training she focused on performing professionally and teaching at various community settings.

The range of projects she became involved in enabled her to grow into a versatile artist and facilitator. Key moments in her early career involved performing and touring with MotionManual in 2008; creating a site specific dance performance about Napoleons battle of Wagram in 1709 with primary school children in 2009; movement coaching for opera 2010; a multi-disciplinary durational performance project (Before I Decide) in 2011 and collaborating with musicians and actors for Love in Idleness in 2012. There have been countless enriching and exciting collaborations in the process, working with dress makers, storytellers, film makers, to name a few. 

Her interest in cross-disciplinary work and improvisation has led her to co-found Mathilde- Music and dance improvisation in 2009. The collaboration between three dancers and two musicians supported an ongoing practice of research and experimentation throughout the years. Similarly, Improvisation Exchange Leeds, which she co-founded in 2010, focused her attention on developing a program of monthly workshops for people of all levels and abilities. 

Her enquiry into collaborative practice became the basis for her MA project which she completed at the University of Leeds in 2013.  The years following her Masters she split her time between freelance work and her role as dance lecturer, then senior lecturer at York St John University from 2012 to 2019.

Daliah is a passionate and enigmatic dance artist and facilitator, she draws ideas and inspiration from her extensive career as a performer, movement practitioner, researcher and from working in various professional and community settings.  

Her most recent fellowship award, working with the Künstlerhaus in Vienna and funded by kültür gemma! has enabled her to apply her many skills as dance maker, facilitator and project manager, and apply them to developing a promising new area of art education in the light of dance and movement in museums and related settings.  

Still a driven performer and maker, Daliah is excited to embark on new collaborations and projects which harness her many skills and curiosity in creating innovative work. 

Her areas of dance expertise lie in contemporary dance, improvisation, choreography, community dance practice, somatic practice, physical theatre, creative movement research, cross-disciplinary work and collaboration. 

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